Brand New! 2020 Paintaways with Lyn

  • Tasmania – Pastels March 11-15 2020
  • Switzerland – Pastels and Travel Journals  – September 25 – October 5 2020

Fancy a paintaway with in 2019? Join Lyn on a fabulous painting tour – delight in the experience of a new country and get that WOW factor in your painting with Lyn’s teaching and individual attention.  All paintaways have a balance of studio work and en plein aire activity. Take your pastels to a studio intensive time in Tasmania, pastels and oils to the natural beauty of Marrowstone Island in the Pacific Northwest of the US, or your pastels to the picturesque and deeply historied Norfolk Island.

  • Pastels in Tasmania – Studio Based: no plein-air March 11-15 202-

$2,395 (Earlybird price until Spepember 2019)

Join me for a hand-crafted art experience enjoying 5 days in Tasmania. We will be staying in the cottages at the Red Feather Inn just outside of Launceston making use of a 150 year old renovated barn for our studio each day.

Your days are spent immersed in your art and at night we dine by candle light as our chefs prepare local Tasmanian fare from locally sourced produce. There are beautiful gardens to explore as well as plenty of nearby walks along the river to truly experience the beauty of the area before or after class.

If you like your pastel artworks to look ‘realistic’, prefer to work from photos rather than life and want to stay in luxury accommodation whilst indulging your creative side and learning from the best, then this trip is for you. For more details and bookings please see details on web site

  • Pastel & Travel Journals In Switzerland September 2020


It’s time to join me in an Artable retreat in Switzerland! We have put together a truly unique workshop! Switzerland is renowned for its natural beauty, rolling green hills, traditional wooden buildings, all things cheese and generous hospitality. We are taking you to the old traditional township of Appenzell, where the painted houses and gentle waterways will have you spellbound.

You can choose what genre you would like to spend your time working on, portraits, florals, landscape…it’s up to you! This special workshop is for learning the art of using pastels, working from your own images and guided by Lyn as well as keeping a travel journal which I’ll show you how to do.

We have our own art studio for the 10 days as well as trips to the surrounding countryside for some outdoor fun.

There are beautiful walks and forests near our hotel to truly experience the beauty of the area before or after class and to soak in the fresh Swiss air and the sound of cow bells.

Find out more: 2020 Switzerland Paintaway Details or go straight to Booking and full Details for Switzerland 2020