Reflections Series

“Reflections on a Journey” is a series of paintings which reflect my own journey – physically, emotionally and spiritually – in essence, my story. It has become my practice to annually add another painting to the series and I’m looking forward to a lifetime of story telling. I’m constantly amazed by the multiple layers of life that can be found in reflections.

Numbers 1,2 and 3 all came from a train journey that I took from Christchurch to Greymouth in New Zealand. Considering the disasters that have occurred since in both of these places, the paintings become a poignant reminder of the fragility of life.

We are here but for a moment, Just Passing Through”. We have Weariness” as we travel but are always Searching for Home”.

Number 4 of the series “Behind the Mask” is one of the most challenging and intriguing that I have done to date. Nothing is as it seems – we are woven into time, sometimes hidden, sometimes hiding and sometimes in plain view.