2019 Haut Baran Registration Form

You have 2 options to register:

  1. You can fill out and submit the form below OR
  2. Download and print off the Haut Baran Registration Form. When completed and signed, scan and email it to lyndiefenbach@gmail.com

For Registration information please call William or Rosalie Haas:
+1 (513) 533-0511 in the United States
+33 565 246324 in France.

Email: hautbaranfrance@gmail.com
Website: www.hautbaran.com

Lyn Diefenbach 2019 Haut Baran Registration

All single guests will share a room with twin beds. If you want your own room, the single supplement is 1000 USD.

$ 500.00 USD per person x number of participants.

For US and European residents:
Deposits can be paid by William or Rosalie Haas and mailed to: PO Box 337 North Bend, Ohio 45052. The $ 500.00 USD. Important: All Deposits are non-refundable. See Cancellation / Refund Policy Below.

For Other Countries:
Payment will be requested vial PayPal from Lyn Diefenbach (lyndiefenbach@gmail.com) via email

For US and European residents:

The balance of your trip is due to be paid by William Haas or Rosalie Haas in dollars USD.
For Other Countries:
Payment will be requested vial PayPal from Lyn Diefenbach (lyndiefenbach@gmail.com) via email

If the final payment is not received, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation for our cancellation policy. Prices are in USD. Prices cover land costs only, not airfare.Prices based on 10 participants or more.
Cancellation / Refund Policy
Cancellations fees are determined as follows:

  • 91 days or more before arrival date of your cancellation fee is your deposit 500.00 USD
  • 61-90 days prior to trip, the cancellation fee is 50% off total price:
  • 31-60 days prior to trip, the cancellation fee is 75% of the total price of trip:
  • 0-30 days prior to trip, the cancellation fee is 100% of trip cost.

Exceptions can not be made for any reason and can not be refunded. If we must cancel a trip, it will be refunded and this will be full settlement. We are not responsible for expenses incurred in any of our trips (even canceled trips), such as travel cancellations, flight cancellations or health problems. This tour will be held regardless of world events.

Travel Insurance is highly recommended, and should be arranged by you! Very Important!

Responsibility Clause
Domaine du Haut Baran (DDHB), employees, affiliates, successors, or any other party, or any other person, limited suppliers, equipment suppliers, food service providers, etc. I acknowledge that I am involved in this trip with the knowledge of the inherent risks and dangers involved, including but not limited to: negligence on the part of DDHB, its employees, physical exertion, forces of nature, transportation failures, consumption of alcohol , risks with food or impure water, civil unrest, terrorism, criminal activity, wild or domesticated animals, failure of equipment, accident or illness or availability of medical supplies or services or the provision of medical care. I hereby agree to be responsible for my own welfare and accept, inconvenience, illness, injury, emotional trauma or death. I hereby release and discharge forever DDHB, and employees, from and against any and all of us, from my participation in this trip. I agree that this release is legally binding upon me, my successors, assigns, and legal representatives, it being my intention to release DDHB and employees, successors, affiliates, and assigns from any and all liability to the maximum extent by law. I want to participate, I will require a legal passport, and that DDHB reserves the right to remove it or not to participate in it. High Domain Baran (DDHB).

Formal Agreement to Terms and Conditions