New Paintaway! Pastel & Travel Journals – Switzerland September 2021

It’s time to join me in an Artable retreat in Switzerland! We have put together a truly unique workshop! Switzerland is renowned for its natural beauty, rolling green hills, traditional wooden buildings, all things cheese and generous hospitality. We are taking you to the old traditional township of Appenzell, where the painted houses and gentle waterways will have you spellbound.

You can choose what genre you would like to spend your time working on, portraits, florals, landscape…it’s up to you! This special workshop is for learning the art of using pastels, working from your own images and guided by Lyn as well as keeping a travel journal which Lyn will show you how to do.

We have our own art studio for the 10 days as well as trips to the surrounding countryside for some outdoor fun.

There are beautiful walks and forests near our hotel to truly experience the beauty of the area before or after class and to soak in the fresh Swiss air and the sound of cow bells.


For a few highlights look at:

Live Teaching Demonstration – Pastel Protea

Have you ever wondered how Lyn Diefenbach produces her beautiful complex florals? Would you like to watch in real time and ask questions as she explains her process in detail as she paints?

In this 3 hour live teaching demonstration conducted over Zoom, Lyn will show how she utilises different techniques and skills as well as the fundamentals of line value, colour and edge to bring a work together.

Lyn will answer questions during the demonstration, with a question time included at the end.

Tickets available from 9am 23 May (Brisbane Time)