Finally Teaching Videos Available!

Masterclass – Pastel Rose Bloom

With nearly 3 hours of detailed teaching, this masterclass shows how Lyn
  • uses underpainting to intensify a dark background
  • sculpts the form of a multicoloured bloom
  • deals with shadows and patterns

Reference image and colour swatch available on request with purchase. Priced at only $US40

Masterclass – Pastel Quince Blossoms

With nearly 5 hours of detailed teaching, the masterclass is all about white blooms and making them glow! Learn to
  • achieve the ethereal quality of the quince blooms
  • sculpt the form of a basically white flower
  • deal with shadows on white

It’s nearly 5 hours of High Definition and High Impact teaching in two parts. Priced at only $US50

Masterclass – Pastel Protea

In this masterclass video I show how to breathe life and dimensionality into my subjects – in this case a beautiful protea bloom.

It’s over 5 hours of High Definition and High Impact teaching in two parts. Priced at only $US50

Masterclass – What Every Artist Needs to Know

Get wings for flight by understanding the technical building blocks of painting.

Understanding the four fundamentals unlocks the confusing array of information that lies before the artist. By acknowledging the relationships of line, value, colour and edge you’ll be able to infuse your work with personality of stroke and life experience. This in turn gives freedom for the artistic vision.

55 minutes of HD Video. Priced at $US15

Masterclass – Still Life with Glass

In this masterclass learn how Lyn breathes life and dimensionality into her subject – in this case a still life utilising glass objects. You’ll see exactly how she creates the translucency and reflections in glass to make her pastel sing!

It’s 2 hours of High Definition and High Impact teaching priced at only $US30

More to come soon…

Other videos

Colour in Your Life Episode

Lyn’s very popular Colour in Your Life episode. Lyn discusses many aspects of her painting and demonstrates by painting a pastel rose. Including how to do believable dew drops.

Pastels – Frequently Asked Questions

Debunking pastel myths, thoughts on frame choices and more…

Pastels – My “Tools of the Trade”

Showing and discussing pastels and papers I use, and why I choose them… (And no, this is not a paid advertisement) Apologies for the misleading title in the video. I’m trying to get it corrected.

George – Pastel Portrait Demonstration (with time lapse)

George is a great subject to paint. This demonstration includes key points in portraiture, with timelapse interspersed to speed up the narrative

Pastel Seascape Demonstration – Condensed Version

Lyn introduces her subject in full, discussing the compositional changes she makes from her reference material. Then watch the 46 minutes of painting condensed by timelapse.

Pastel Seascape Demonstration – Full Version

Watch Lyn produce the seascape in full – with Lyn explaining her techniques and compositional decisions as she paints.

“The Best Advice I’ve Been Given”

As part of her Guest blog entry on Gail Sibley’s great site How to Pastel, Here’s Lyn discussing the best advice she has received on pastelling. The full blog entry is here:Lyn Diefenbach Guest Blog Entry

My en Plein Air Setup 1) Pastel 2) Pen and Wash

First created for the group I’m taking to Greece in May 2018. But available for all…